My General Mission

This web site has been constructed with the following visions in view. These are deep desires that The Lord has placed on my heart which are specific to the call God has placed on my life.

I want to know The Lord and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings. As part of this understanding, there is an extraordinary love and grace for this world in the heart of God. In line with this vision, I long to see as many as possible come into a personal relationship with God and find peace and joy in this life whatever their material circumstances might be. In line with this, a full and rich relationship with God and fellow human beings is equally available to every person who lives on the face of the earth. But there is not much time, because Jesus is coming back soon. We need to understand that God’s patience is running out and He will not allow people to suffer much longer, but He will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to turn to Him for mercy and help and no one misses out.

In line with this, it is exciting to see an increasing number of people coming to know The Lord and being healed by the power of God. It is exciting to see church communities in revival seeing the glory of God and living out their life with extraordinary grace.

But for me personally God’s call for this web site is in the area of revelation. I am highly focused to see doctrinal confusion overcome according to God’s call. The church today currently displays a lack of unity in heart and mind. God is changing that now. Many churches will die and many will come to life and be on fire and be wonderfully exciting communities to which all of us would love to belong. Eventually, only vibrant churches will exist led by leaders who love The Lord.


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