My Specific Mission

I am especially concerned about the confusion in end time beliefs that abounds in the world wide church. This is compounded by the observation that the vast majority of Christians, including the majority of leaders, refuse to go there beyond the fundamental basics. The reason for this appears to be that the confusion makes the study of the end times unedifying. The challenge that I face in confronting this confusion is that this web site will be publishing one more interpretation which without careful study, will look like just one more idea to add to the many that already exist.

I am convinced that existing end time positions are seriously flawed because they are based on a few fundamental assumptions which are rarely if ever tested, but when recognised will produce a Copernican-like revolution in our understanding. It’s not that men of God throughout the ages lack skill, ability or insight. Rather, it is that God is managing the time when new revelation comes. Like Martin Luther revealing our understanding about “justification by faith” and the many revelations that have come in the last few hundred years, but especially since the Second World War.

For those that have studied end times teaching, this web site will challenge two fundamental positions and replace them with something new which will give a new perspective that will bring new unity to the whole Bible and remove ambiguity in its interpretation.

These positions are firstly that the seventy sevens prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27 can never serve as a fundamental key to determine our end time position. In the Hebrew, it is one of the most ambiguous passages in the Old Testament which is evident by the multitude of end time theologies that have been derived from it. My position is that the key passage in Daniel which unlocks our end time theology is Daniel 11:36-12:13 which is no longer a mystery since its proper historical meaning is now clear.

Secondly, the time, times and half a time in Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14 is not three and a half “years” either literally or symbolically. It is three and a half symbolically, but literally a much longer period, in fact more that 1,200 years. Not only that, the two time, times and half a time in the book of Daniel are two different lengths of time which join together contiguously; they are not the same period of time as has always been assumed and never questioned. The two three and a half’s then join together to form a complete period of one seven. The one in Daniel 12:7 starts first in the third year of Cyrus, the one in Daniel 7:25 starts second after the Jews had been scattered all over the known world as a result of the persecution by Rome and corresponds to the same period referred to in Revelation 12:14.

These two changes radically modify our end time position because the time element changes. It leads to a complete and mature eschatology which I believe will stand up well against scholarly investigation. Its details will be available in two large books that will be published, the first very soon. They will not be available for download as previously stated, but they will be available for purchase as ebooks and in print. These books are not for the faint hearted and involved over 6 years of research commencing in 2006.

They lead to a picture of today which is closer to what we see than any existing, published end time position known to the author. What emerges is not a doom and gloom eschatology, but one which is both doom and gloom for the world without Jesus, but amazing, exciting, victorious and full of hope for God’s people. Like John’s experience described in Revelation 10:10 it is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomach. This is what we must prepare for as the time is near.


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